Jackson County Drug Court, Jackson County Family Wellness Court and the Recovery Community announce Garden of Hope’s “Take Home a Tomato Day,” happening Friday, May 24, at 1 p.m.

Jackson County Drug Court, led by Circuit Judge John Graham, created the Garden of Hope to promote a healthier and more productive lifestyle among drug court participants.

“I wanted to teach participants a skill that would allow them to feed their families,” said Master Gardener and certified addiction counselor Mark Boyanton. “Many of our participants didn’t have a parent to teach them these skills.”

Garden of Hope began four years ago with four raised garden beds. It has since been expanded to 14 raised garden beds, and the Jackson County Commission recently approved the addition of more beds.

Participants in Jackson County Family Wellness Court and members of the Recovery Community now also assist drug court in maintaining the garden.

Garden of Hope is located at the corner of Appletree Street and South Broad Street, next to Jackson County Juvenile Court, in Scottsboro. Garden of Hope was given its name because its purpose—to instill hope in the individuals working in the garden and to instill hope in the community members who eat from the garden. Garden of Hope is free for anyone in the community.

On Friday, take-home garden buckets, with tomato plants and other good things, will be given away while supplies last. The folks at Ridgedale Market, on East Willow Street in Scottsboro, partnered with the Recovery Community and generously donated the tomato plants for this project.

Anyone in the community is welcome to come by, bring a bucket and take home a tomato plant.

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