Smoke began to fill the Subway located inside the Scottsboro Walmart causing employees to call the fire department. At 12:35 Jan. 5, Scottsboro Fire Department responded to a bystander's 911 call.

According to Fire Chief Gene Nicklaus, a minor electrical fire originated on the roof of Subway.

"A small fire inside a heating unit on the roof of caused smoke to fill the Subway," stated Nicklaus.

There were no injuries reported.

Workers at the subway noted that they smelled something burning, similar to when a heater turns on for the first time. After the smell persisted, and smoke began to fill the location 911 was called and the Scottsboro Fire Department was notified.

Walmart was temporarily evacuated for the safety of workers and customers as the fire department responded to the incident.

Damage from the fire appeared to be minimal and localized to the roof.

Operations of both the Subway location and Scottsboro Walmart returned to normal after the Fire Department left the scene shortly before 2 p.m. on Tuesday.

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