A 3,000-foot addition to the Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center is continuing even though work is slowing down due to the delay with shipment of interior doors and door hardware, according to Scottsboro Museum Commission member Brenda Ivey.

“Hopefully, these items will be in within the next several weeks, and it will only take a few short weeks to complete our addition,” said Ivey.

Ivey said all of the kitchen equipment, appliances and cabinetry are on site and are in the process of being instead.

“We are so excited to see this progress,” she said.

Ivey said the commission is moving forward with decisions for window coverings and other items needed for the addition, such as additional chairs and tables to use for events.

“We are hoping that donations will continue to come in that will allow us to move forward with these items,” said Ivey. “We estimate that these items alone will be about $20,000.”

Ivey said the commission is also looking at the challenge of landscaping not only around the new addition but also refreshing the entire grounds of the Heritage Center.

“We have a landscaping committee that is working on this plan and look forward to seeing our grounds back in the beautiful condition that we had all come to appreciate and enjoy,” she said. “We can’t wait to see how we will once again be a visual showplace in our city. Again, this is an area where we will need additional donations to complete.”

Ivey said donations, no matter the amount, are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible.

“We also encourage businesses in our community to step forward and support our efforts,” said Ivey. “Donations of $250 or more will have the donor name on a plate mounted on our donor board to be displayed in the new addition. These funds will be used to provide essential items that are outside the general contractor bid that are the responsibility of the Heritage Center.

For additional information concerning making a donation or the purchase of brick pavers that will be placed at the entrance to the new addition, contact Heritage Center Director Jennifer Petty by phone at 256-259-2122, by email at heritage@scottsboro.org or by mail at P.O. Box 53, Scottsboro, AL 37768.

“We encourage everyone to continue to follow our progress and other information about the Heritage Center on the Facebook page, ScottsboroHeritage and the website at sjhc.us.

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