The city of Scottsboro was presented with a $146,535 grant from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) to improve the city’s recycling program. The check, presented on Aug. 18, was part of the Alabama Recycle Fund.

“This helps strengthen our program,” said Scottsboro Mayor Robin Shelton about the grant. “It shows ADEM we’re committed, shows the public we’re committed.”

The City plans to use the funds to purchase a new baler, recycling trailers and an additional truck so that they can continue to improve the recycling program. The City has already expanded the program to include various recyclables.

The Alabama Recycle Fund was created in 2008 by the Solid Wastes and Recyclable Materials Management Act, which added a $1 fee per ton of solid waste that goes to a landfill. The program has led to Alabama meeting a goal of a 25% recycle rate for solid waste materials each of the last three years.

“With this award, we commend you for your tireless efforts to continuously grow and improve recycling in our Great State,” stated a representative of ADEM. “We at ADEM thank you for your participation in the Alabama Recycling Fund Grant Program.”

In 2020 ADEM awarded recycling grants to 16 recipients totaling $1.4 million. In total the program has awarded $20 million to almost 200 recipients to improve recycling across the state of Alabama.

The recycling program, which resumed service on July 13, currently offers curbside pickup within the city of Scottsboro.

Plastics, metal cans, paper and cardboard can be placed with a resident’s garbage utilizing blue bags for plastics, yellow for metal cans and green mixed paper products. The bags are available to residents at City Hall and the Sanitation Office.

Utilizing this system of different color bags help workers to separate out the various recycling materials at the plant and keeps the overall cost of the program down.

The program is opt-in and at no additional cost to residents.

Scottsboro Solid Waste Management, which administers recycling in Scottsboro, hopes to add drop off locations throughout the city at a later point in time.

Since last October, when Scottsboro added plastic recycling, the program has collected over 26.3 tons of household recycling.

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