Scottsboro High School’s search for a new head football coach continues after the Scottsboro City Board of Education voted no on an unnamed coaching candidate on Thursday.

“Our goal tonight was to hire a new head football coach… The board decided that we needed to go in a different direction and we certainly will do that starting tomorrow,” superintendent Jay Reyes said.

The hiring process includes a committee consisting of Scottsboro High School principal Rob Paradise and four other selected individuals. The committee then sorts through all the applicants and narrows that list down to five candidates, ranked one through five. The committee then reached out to the No. 1 candidate to ensure his interest in the job. After being reassured that the candidate was interested, the candidate was then brought to Reyes, who brought it to the board for voting.

“In this whole process you have to do two things: You have to respect the committee’s work and you have to respect their decision on bringing us a candidate that they feel is worthy of consideration and at the same time you have to respect the board’s position,” Reyes said. “That doesn’t mean that one is against the other by any means, the committee and board certainly are partners in this thing. Just because we might disagree on what might be best for any program in our system, that doesn’t in any way indicate divisiveness. It just means we may need to go back to the drawing board and look to go in a different direction.”

The vote ended in a 3-2 majority decision. Board members Jason Williams and Patrick Woolsey voted yes on the candidate while board members Gary Speers, Lee Benson and Board President Patricia Stewart voted no.

“I just hope we find the right coach. We just felt as a board, as a majority, that this one wasn’t the one right now. I don’t fault the committee and I hope the committee doesn’t fault me either as a board member. I appreciate everything the committee did, all the time they put in. The committee did a good job it’s just we had a little different view on what we were looking for,” said Benson. “I understand that we’re not going to have someone that’s going to stay around for 10 years anymore, everyone wants to bounce and move around. This [candidate] seems to really know his X’s and O’s, he knows football, really the only thing that got me was he just didn’t stay places very long. He had a lot of jobs and he moved around a lot. In my eyes and apparently two other ones, we’d like someone to stay a little longer than that. We might not ever find it, but I sure would like to.”

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