Probate Judge Victor Manning said Alabama’s new marriage law, which went into effect Aug. 29, eliminates the process of obtaining a marriage license and also eliminates the requirement of a wedding ceremony.

“We’ve already had a few customers,” said Manning. “The big difference now is you just have to get a form, fill it out and get it notarized and bring it to us to file.”

The probate court will then forward the Alabama Marriage Certificate to the Alabama Department of Public Health’s Center for Health Statistics.

Manning said the marriage date is determined by the date of signatures.

“If you want to get married on Sunday, that’s the day you have to get the signatures notarized,” said Manning.

The cost will continue to be $78, said Manning.

The new law came in response to the legalization of same-sex marriage by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2015. In Alabama, some probate judges stopped issuing marriage licenses at that time because they did not want to sign same-sex marriage licenses.

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