September is Library Card Sign Up Month.

Library Card Sign Up Month promotes the importance of library cards and this year the American Library Association is partnering with Disney with a new ad campaign that features the characters of Toy Story 4. 

The Scottsboro Public Library is participating in this national campaign by celebrating library card sign up month.

“I still remember my mother taking me to the public library to get my own card when I was old enough. That card was my one ticket to everything I loved,” it gave me “a sense of ownership and belonging. [Library cards offer] a world of access to information and knowledge,” said Laura Pitts, the director of the Scottsboro Public Library.

Wendy Jones, the secretary treasurer for the Friends of the Library, is one passionate advocate for library cards and public libraries.

“I love being there because there’s knowledge there,” she said.

Jones regularly volunteers and attends events at the Scottsboro library.

“If they’re having an event, I’m there,” said Jones. “My daughter also brings my grandson and there are resources for him too. It’s a win-win situation. If you teach a child to read now and use less electronics, they will be more successful in life. I think all children should have that opportunity.”

Library Cards offer access to more than physical books. They also include access to e-books, computers, audiobook CDs, and movies. Library cards are free and all that it is required is proof of current address such as a driver’s license or a bill.

They offer great educational resources to teachers and homeschooler families. Pitts recalled many teachers using their library cards to access free resources for their classroom such as books and educational films.

The library also hosts many homeschooler events throughout the year and the resources that library cards provide allow the children to continue their studies at home. Library cards are the perfect way to empower and supply people with a world of knowledge.

They give ownership and pride to those who carry them as well as a multitude of resources at no cost. While September may be Library Card Sign Up Month, the incredible advantages of library cards can be enjoyed year round.

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