Bridgeport Mayor David “Bubba” Hughes gave his annual State of the City address at the Bridgeport Community Center to a room full of residents, city employees, state and local leaders.

Hughes gave updates on several projects going on in Bridgeport, like its streetscaping project, drainage and other projects.

He talked about local industry like USG and Mohawk and thanked them for their partnership with the city. Hughes said Bridgeport gained three new businesses in 2019. Turner’s Place restaurant, a dollar store and a resale shop recently opened in the city.

He also talked about the development of a long-term plan for city improvement as the Google data center continues to grow. Hughes said the plan is an economic based roadmap that understands the physical, economic and stakeholder communities to guide land-use decisions and the future growth of Bridgeport.

Hughes said, site inventory analysis, a tour and site visit of Bridgeport by land and river, and demographic and economic profiles have been completed. He said stakeholder meetings and interviews are almost finished. He said they are more than 50 percent complete with the process, which will help them plan for the next 10 to 20 years.

Hughes said that Google has really help the city’s finances. He said during the Summer, around 1,500 construction workers were eating at restaurants, buying gas and buying groceries in Bridgeport.

“We’re happy that Google is here, I can’t say enough about them,” said Hughes.” The city’s in better financial shape that it has ever been.”

Through various taxes including the sellers use, sales, and more, the city brought in almost $1 million more than last year.  Full time employees got a 0.50 cent raise in 2019, and part time employees got a 0.25 cent raise.

Hughes is excited for the future and said the next 10 years will be “amazing” for Jackson County.

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