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These Collins Intermediate School students were among the nearly 90 who participated in the first ever Theatre for Youth Festival held in Scottsboro.  Having fun at the event were front, from left, Jaclyn Smith, Bailey Hixon, Audrey Stokes and Laila King; back, Ayden Blanton, Lilyan Hardman, Sophia Taylor and Alayzia Fennell. Students from eight school and youth groups took part in the competitions.

Collins Intermediate School was filled with nearly 90 students from eight schools as they participated in the first Scottsboro Theatre for Youth Festival.  These talented students participated in 150 events and local students captured several awards.

Scottsboro drama teacher Matt Brewer was the facility host.  Students from Alabama Waldorf School, Albertville School, Center Middle School, CharACTers Children’s Theatre, Collins Intermediate School, Decatur Middle School, Jacksonville High School and the Pirate Players participated in the competitions.

Scottsboro took the top awards in Solo Acting Novice.  Ally Cramer won first, Sophia Taylor won second and Audrey Stokes took third place.  These are all members of the Collins Intermediate Drama Club. Novice is for students in grades fourth and fifth.  Alayzia Fennell, Daisy Easkin, and Eliza Roberts also participated in this competition.

Xander Argiro, a Scottsboro Junior High School student, captured third place in solo acting varsity.  Cecilia Pleva, won second place with Griffin Simmons taking first.  These two are students at Albertville School.  Varsity is for students in grades sixth through eighth.  Other local students participating in this competition included Abbie Young, Arianna Webb, Audrey Frye, Bailey Sumner, Charlie Kidder, Dylan Chastain, Emma Cunningham, Lexi Murphy and Nic Piskorz.

Scottsboro students captured the top three spots in duet acting novice.  Jacklyn Smith and Lilyan Hardman were first place winners.  Sawyer McWilliams and Jake Morr took second place.  Third place winners were Bailey Hixson and Laila King. Annalee Rice, Julie Rai Hood, Daisy Easkin, Aubrey Stokes, Sophia Taylor and Susanna Kate Moore also took part in this competition.

Dylan Chastain and Maggie Whitaker, Scottsboro Junior High students, were first place winners in duet acting varsity.  Second place was taken by Tyler Coley and Paul Bennet, Centre Middle School.  Pirate Players Ian and Eli Golson were the third place winners.  Other local students in this event were Bradford McDonald, Laci Smith, Gracye Smith, Emma Carlson, Kaityin Clarke, Anna Cardwell, Lily Jones, Naomi Shelton, Vassay Blair and Alex Cardwell.

Corbin Parker, Collins Intermediate School, took first place in musical theatre novice.  Ally Sullivan of Pirate Players came in second.  Sawyer McWilliams, also from Collins, captured third place in this competition. Collins students Alayzia Fennell and Eliza Roberts also took part in this competition.

The winners in musical theatre varsity were Ramsey Whitney, CharACTers Children’s Theatre, in first place; Cecilia Pleva, Albertville, in second place; and Jadon Davis, also from CharACTers Children’s Theatre, in third place.  Local students in this competition included Abbie Young, Arianna Webb, Bradford McDonald, Charlie Kidder, Emma Cunningham, Maggie Whitaker, Addie Buchanan, Julie Summers, Madison Blanton and Tori Lynch.

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