The Scottsboro City Council approved a resolution at its meeting Monday evening to surplus city property for commercial development. The property is 1.85 acres just off the service road off of Veterans Drive.

At last week’s work session, Mayor Robin Shelton said he was approached by a developer looking to develop some property, and the city had some adjacent property the developer was interested in. Shelton said the property was a ravine and questioned why the developer wanted the property. He said they wanted it for landscaping.

He said the city was in the process of getting the property appraised. There were a couple of options the city had. They could go through the process of the appraisal and surveying the property, which would incur more costs.

They could also transfer the land to the Commercial Development Authority. Shelton said the city received a letter from the Commercial Development Authority requesting to take ownership of the property and pursue development options.

Shelton said this was similar to the property the city had on Appletree Street and Houston Street. The city had it for several years, and all they did was mow the land. The city thought they had someone lined up to purchase the property, so they got an appraisal and took public offers.

Shelton said no one wanted to purchase it. He said the Commercial Development Authority took it and sold it. Shelton said it is always good when people are looking to develop in the city. Council President Patrick Stewart echoed Shelton’s comments.

“It’s always good when you see dirt start moving,” said Stewart. “We always want new development in Scottsboro.”

The council also approved a budget amendment of $1,860 for automated external defibrillator supplies. It approved a tourism grant of $8,500 for Alabama B.A.S.S. National High School Fishing Championship. It appointed Jim Olyniec to the Museum Commission, and it approved a budget amendment of $4,121.93 for fuel farm work at the municipal airport.

At the end of the meeting, Councilman Richard Bailey read a letter from the Fraternal Order of Police calling for the starting pay of Scottsboro Police Officers to be raised. The councilmen addressed this in their reports, saying they would take it into consideration and would see if it could be done.

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