Scottsboro Mayor Robin Shelton announced that the Solid Waste Department and the city received a grant for the recycling program at the city council meeting Monday evening. The grant is from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management and totals $146,135.

Shelton said the city was notified it received the grant three weeks ago but could not announce it until they got the official notice. The grant will include an additional baler for the recycling department, a pickup truck and four more recycling trailers.

Shelton said the city receiving this grant is directly related to the investments the council has made in the recycling department. He said that ADEM saw the investments and knows the commitment made to the recycling program.

Shelton said the new baler will be used to bale plastic products. The current baler at the recycling department bales mostly cardboard. Shelton said this will help the department be more efficient. He said the city is about to start collecting everything, and they will put out more trailers for drop-off points around the city.

Council President Patrick Stewart the recycling grant will be a “huge benefit.”

“We’ve been trying to make the recycling program successful, and it is starting to pay off,” said Stewart.

Stewart said the grant was much needed and much appreciated. He said it will be good to see the recycling program back in full swing. He said that it is one of the issues he is asked about most often.

Each year, ADEM has a grant cycle. Last year, they city got some trailers, cans and other things paid for with a grant. The city suspended its recycling program on Jan. 8, 2019 and has been making progress in bringing it fully back for the citizens of Scottsboro.

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