The Scottsboro City Council discussed the paving of roads in the city at its work session last Monday night. Council President Patrick Stewart had formed a committee in April to look into the issue.

The members of the committee are Councilman Greg Mashburn, Councilman Richard Bailey, Mayor Robin Shelton, new Street Department Director Wayne Moore and City Engineer Josh Little.

The committee has been tasked with coming up with an estimate for how much each road will cost to repair or repave. Bailey said the committee has identified the streets it wants to do this year, and it is making sure the money is available to complete the projects.

Stewart said this was a big issue when he first ran for office in 2012. The city has set back money every year in reserves, and Stewart said the reserves would be used to repair the roads. He did say that the city has paved very little, if any, roads in the last two or three years. Stewart said infrastructure, especially roads, was a main focus when the council went to Washington, D.C. in March.

Citizens are also encouraged to contact the council if they believe their road needs to be repaved or repaired. Stewart said he had already received several calls about looking at roads in Scottsboro. He also said this would show the citizens of Scottsboro that the council was hearing these issues and doing its best to fix them.

Stewart said every road in the city would not be fixed overnight. The roads would be repaired based on priority. He wants to get out in front of this issue before it could present a bigger problem.

One road the council had talked about repairing is Gant Road. Shelton said Gant Road was one of three big projects in question, along with Snodgrass Road and County Road 33. HE said it would likely be a two-phase project, and it would cost $716,000.

Stewart said he was pleased with how many times the committee has met since it was formed, and Bailey said the city is much closer to starting the projects than he expected.

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