Several concerned citizens attended the Scottsboro City Council meeting last Monday to discuss putting up stop signs on Winn Road. James Parrett said there is major problem with speeders on the road. He said people drive 50 to 60 miles per hour on Winn Road.

“It’s mainly kids, of course,” said Parrett.

Parrett proposed to the council to put a stop sign at the top of the hill on Winn Road where Bradley Street and Wynnwood Lane intersect with Winn. Parrett said kids are going to City Park to hang out and do doughnuts and “tear up the park.” He has been calling 911 four times a week for two years.

He said that other residents in that area have also been calling the police about the problem. Parrett said the calls have helped deter kids from speeding and going to hang out at City Park. He said last year was not nearly as bad as the year before.

The speed limit on Winn Road is 30 miles per hour. Parrett said the fastest ticket given on Winn Road was 54 miles per hour. He also said he saw nine tickets given in one night along Winn Road. There is signage posted along the road telling drivers to be aware of pedestrians.

Scottsboro Mayor Robin Shelton said the city has turned off the WiFi at City Park to prevent kids from hanging out at the park. Police Chief Ralph Dawe said that was one of the reasons people were going to City Park and turning off the WiFi has helped keep them away.

The city council can authorize that a stop sign be put up on Winn Road. Another option discussed was installing a radar sign like the ones on County Park Road and on Broad Street. Shelton said the radar signs would help because they are “a good reminder’ of how fast a driver is travelling.

The radar signs cost about $2,200. Councilman Mike Ashburn said it is obvious there is a problem and he would like to see signs go up. Shelton said the four way stop on Houston Street and the three way stop on South Street have been very effective.

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