It is time for out of district students to apply to attend Scottsboro City Schools. The Scottsboro City School System began accepting out of district applications on Monday, May 13, and they will continue to accept applications until Thursday, June 20.

Scottsboro City Schools Superintendent Dr. Jay Reyes said that any person wanting to apply can pick up a form at any of the Scottsboro city schools or they can print off the application from the school system’s website. Every current out of district student must re-apply each year.

Reyes said there were some changes made for first time applicants. First time applicants must submit attendance and behavior records from their previous school along with the completed application.

If the applicant is in high school or junior high school, he or she must submit a transcript with the application. Elementary school students must submit a copy of his or her report card and his or her standardized test scores. Reyes said that they will not accept any incomplete out of district applications.

Another change for out of district students is the cost of tuition. In the past, it has cost $300 for an out of district student to attend a Scottsboro City School. If a family had more than one student in the school system, it cost $150 for each additional student.

Now, the cost of tuition for an out of district student is $400 for the first student, and $200 for each additional student. Reyes said the cost of tuition had not been changed for over 20 years.

“Just like anything else, we have to change with the times,” said Reyes.

Reyes hopes the cost of tuition will not deter any student from applying to attend a Scottsboro city school, but he felt like it was something the school system needed to do. He said that payments need to be submitted to the central office.

Reyes also said the tuition fees would not be prorated. The Scottsboro City School System will not refund tuition if an out of district student decides to leave the school in the middle of the year. The fee will not be prorated if a student is allowed to enroll after the school year has started.

Applications must be submitted to the Scottsboro Board of Education Central Office at 305 Scott Street.

Angela Guinn is the lead contact for out of district students. For questions or more information, call 256.218.2100.

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