The city of Scottsboro is. In the process of applying for a Community Development Block Grant to remove abandoned and blighted properties in the city. Scottsboro Mayor Robin Shelton said 24 properties have signed off to participate in the grant.

Those 24 properties are 345, 321 and 313 West Mary Hunter Avenue; 403 and 405 West Willow Street; 104 South Street, 211 Vann Street, 209 Poplar, 805 Sisk Street, Old Masonic Hall at Elm Street and North Houston Street, 100 and 101 Oak Street, 249, 309 and 409 East Maple Avenue, 811 South Broad Street, 506 Wallace Lane, 1904 and 3215 East Willow Street, 101 Mimosa Lane, 1577 Gant Road, 2906 Veterans Drive, 171 Hurt Street, 515 Law Street, and 2025 Old Larkinsville Road.

The city is going to apply for a $250,000 Community Enhancement Grant to help with the cost of this project. Shelton said they have already gotten a generic demolition estimate and are working on getting a disposal cost.

The grant would be 80 percent funded, and he city would be responsible for 20 percent. The grant application has to be filed in July, and the city would be notified in October or November whether or not the grant was awarded.

Shelton said it would be a good thing for Scottsboro, and he said it would make the city more appealing to its citizens. Council president Patrick Stewart echoed Shelton’s comments, saying it sounds like a good opportunity for the city of Scottsboro.

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