After Superintendent Jay Reyes announced his official retirement last week, the Scottsboro City Board of Education announced on Thursday that Amy Childress would be the interim superintendent.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity, I think of it as a blessing, I’m grateful for it. I’m glad that the board members have entrusted me with this opportunity. It’s been a pleasure to work in the capacity of assistant superintendent over the past four years,” Childress said. “In my 23 years of education experience, Dr. Reyes has been one of my absolute favorites. He is a people person, and he loves his job and he loves the students. It’s been an absolute honor to work for him.”

Childress served as the assistant superintendent for Reyes during his tenure.

 “I don’t think that you could have picked a better person. Amy [Childress] has been right there by me the whole time,” Reyes said. ”I think the only mistake that she’s ever made while she’s been here in Scottsboro City Schools is the first time she ever met me, rather than referring to me as Dr. Reyes, she referred to me as Jay and she never met me before so we got off on a really good start. [She’s] the only person who did that, so I knew right then that she was the one, for sure.”

While Reyes’ retirement won’t take effect until Aug. 1, Childress will take over superintendent duties immediately while Reyes takes a more advisory role to assist in the transition. While Childress will serve as interim superintendent, the board of education will have to gather a game plan for their next superintendent search.

“We have 30 days from [Thursday] to decide how we’re going to go about our next superintendent search. You can have an interim for up to six months, I believe. What we’ll do is sit down and figure out what our process is going to be for our search for our next superintendent and then we’ll announce that within the next 30 days,” Board of Education President Patricia Stewart said.

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