During Wednesday’s Scottsboro City Board of Education’s called meeting, board attorney Taylor Brooks brought a proposal for the hiring process and timeline for Scottsboro City School’s new superintendent.

The job posting began on Thursday and will run until Aug. 2, at which point the applicants will be sorted and presented to the board members individually. Each board member will rank their top candidates one to three and candidates will be scored via that ranking system.

Jay Reyes, the former superintendent, announced his retirement on May 20. His retirement will be effective Aug. 1. Reyes’ assistant superintendent Amy Childress is currently serving as the interim superintendent.

 According to the timeline posted to the Scottsboro City Schools website, from Aug. 3-9, the applicants will be narrowed down to finalists with possible interviews being conducted Aug. 12-18 and a hire being made Aug. 19. However, Brooks did say if there was an overwhelming favorite, the hire could just be made.

“In the event that everybody sends me the same person and one person just stands out, my thought has been why have these drawn-out interviews when it’s clear if the board has a candidate they want, there’s no reason to spend time and resources to doing interviews if it’s not necessary,” Brooks said. “I would then make a recommendation. Ultimately, it’s the board’s decision, but I would make a recommendation.”

With the school starting Aug. 9, it’s possible the school year will begin before a superintendent is hired, as the deadline for making a decision under this timeline is Aug. 19. However, depending on the situation, the board can make a decision to either make a hire before Aug. 19 or change the timeline to give more time to make a decision on the hire.

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