The Scottsboro City Council held a work session Monday evening and discussed several items including a municipal court update, equipment auction and city policies.

Municipal Judge Daryl Eustace gave the council an update on the municipal court. He said the court has seen a $250,000 increase in money collected from April 2019 to the end of January 2020. He said they have seen a 70% increase in compliance due to the enforcement of probationary terms.

Eustace said they have entered 340 new cases from April to January, and that the court is trying to streamline its process and getting people to court quicker.  

The council discussed procurement policies and procedures. This was a topic at last week’s meeting as well. There were questions about disciplinary procedure if the policy was not followed.

Mayor Robin Shelton said he would like to see further discussion on the issue. Council President Pro Tem Greg Mashburn formed an advisory committee consisting of Councilman Richard Bailey, Mashburn, Shelton, City Financial Director Rick Wheeler and City Attorney Stephen Kennamer.

Solid Waste Director Stacy Ledwell discussed an upcoming equipment auction. This issue was also discussed last week. Ledwell said he and Street Department Director Wayne Moore discussed purchasing a wheeled excavator to share between the two departments.

Ledwell said that would be the best use of city funds, and it would cost anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000.

Airport Director Ty Towery discussed budget amendments for the Municipal Airport. There are some repairs that need to be made at the airport, and they will cost $1,550. The airport’s automated weather observation system also needs to be repaired, and that will cost $1,903.78.

A representative from Amwaste addressed the council about bringing waste to the city’s landfill. He said the company had entered into a three years contract with Marshall County and wanted to bring the waste to Scottsboro. He said it would begin on May 1. They would bring five or six loads per day, 218 tons a week and 950 tons a month.

A representative from CDG gave an update on the city’s landfill expansion. Ledwell discussed issues with the Solid Waste Department’s billing software and said that it needed an upgrade because it had not been updated in 27 years.

The council also discussed a KPS invoice for the Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center which would cost the city $9,188.95.

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