Scottsboro Mayor Robin Shelton knows littering is a problem in the city, and he and other officials are working out a plan to combat the problem.

The city council recently purchased a utility vehicle and Shelton said the city is currently working through the logistics of having one person or a part-time employee to pick up litter.

Local citizen Mike Bray has started a littering cleanup group and had his first meeting this week. Shelton said Bray is hoping to have enough volunteers that get a benchmark established, and the city would go by with one or two guys and try to maintain that.

Shelton said he wanted to give Bray time to see what kind of interest he had in the group. He did not want to step in and say, “we’re doing this or we’re doing that.” Shelton said that Bray wants to help, and he is doing whatever he can to help.

Shelton said it was still early in the process. He said that he may try to reach out and get church groups and civic groups to have a designated area in the city if they want to help. He described it like a neighborhood watch program, except the neighborhoods would take care of their own part of town by volunteering to pick up litter.

Shelton said the best route to get volunteers would be by recruiting service, civic and church groups and organizations.

Shelton said the main focus is going to be the Highway 35 corridor coming into the city of Scottsboro, the Highway 72 corridor going through town, around the Courthouse Square and Broad Street.

He said the city has his Woods Cove and Porter Roads several times, and he said area gets out of control quickly. He said the city is doing what it can as it can. He is concerned about the litter everywhere, but the main focus right now is on the bigger, higher traffic areas of the city.

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