Some 675 Jackson County Schools fifth and second grade students and their teachers filled the auditorium at Stevenson Middle for the culmination of their ten week Super Citizen Program. 

Both groups of students chose some special hometown heroes to honor during this special ceremony.  Flags flew and songs were sung as the students participated in the program.

Each class had the opportunity to nominate a hero.  Second graders selected Helping Hand heroes while the fifth graders chose Torch Team heroes.  Each hero received an authentic Statue of Liberty replica plus a Liberty pin. 

The students who nominated the hero read a brief essay about the person before the honoree joined them on stage. They shared the reasons they selected these special individuals.

The Torch Team and Helping Hand heroes chosen by the Jackson County students were State Representative Tommy Hanes, Woodville Mayor Steve Helms, K. K. Smith, Megan Saint, Dylan Thornberry, Ed Gant, Ronnie Shelton, Felicia Bethune, Crystal Siniard, Principal Michael Wilborn, Shelly Jenkins, Geneva Barrett, Tessie McKenzie, Officer Cecil Davis, Shannon Anthony and Andy Jones. 

Each hero received a warm and enthusiastic welcome from the students and other audience members.    

During the course of their study, the students learned what it takes to become Super Citizens. They were taught crucial civics information, character, finance, and careers with lessons in their homerooms.

These young students are already transforming their community by acting on the lessons that they learned. This is the reason for the Super Citizen Program.  Today’s young students are the citizens of tomorrow.

An important lesson learned by all of the students who participated in the Super Citizen Program is that “When you honor a hero, you are a hero”.

The Super Citizen Program celebration and the teaching kits are made possible by the Jackson County Community Alliance.  Sponsors of the program for the Jackson County second and fifth graders include the Alabama Bicentennial, Alabama Department of Education, AlaTrade Foods, Inc., Alfa, State Senator Steve Livingston, IMPACT Learning Center, Keller Contract Logging, Regions Bank, and Screentech.

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