Each year a ranking of America’s high schools is published by U. S. News & World Report.  This year more than 17,700 public high schools were evaluated on how well they serve all of their students.  They also present a ranking for the high schools in each state.  Scottsboro High School placed 56th out of 376 high schools in Alabama placing above the other schools in Jackson County.

This places Scottsboro High School in the top 15% of high schools in Alabama and first of the seven high schools in Jackson County.

The average ACT score for the Class of 2019 for the state was 18.9.  The average score for Scottsboro High School was 20.2.  This information was released by the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama (PARCA).  This is the fifth year in a row that Scottsboro High School had shown a 20+ composite score on the ACT.  This places them above the state average each year by at least a full point. 

Scottsboro High School graduating classes on average scored two full points more on the ACT composite score during that five year period than all other high schools in Jackson County.  Scottsboro High School continues the proud tradition of educational excellence.

Woodville High School ranked 177th in the state giving it the highest ranking in the Jackson County System.  North Sand Mountain ranked 220th followed by Skyline High School at 227th and Section High School at 233rd.  North Jackson High School and Pisgah High School were ranked 251 among the state’s 376 high schools.

Woodville ranks first in the Jackson County School System followed by North Sand Mountain in second place.  Skyline High School placed third and Section High School was ranked fourth.  North Jackson High School was ranked fifth in the county followed by Pisgah High School at sixth.

Woodville Principal Jamie Darwin is proud of his school and the work they have done recently.

“Any time your ranked at the top of your district by a prestigious publication like U. S. News & World Report, it gives you credibility,” said Darwin. “It’s really a testament to our staff and our students.”

Darwin said there has been more focus put on preparation of high school students to take the ACT, and he said that has been a big reason for their success.

“We want to see everyone succeed, and we want to promote that success,” said Darwin. “We want the community to see the hard work put in by our students and teachers.”

The 376 Alabama high schools ranked are in 138 school districts across the state.  Alabama’s public high schools serve 259, 968 students.

U. S. News worked with RTI International, a global research firm, to implement the comprehensive ranking methodology. A complete list is available on the U.S. News web page.  These rankings reveal graduation rates and state assessments as well as academic performance by students who are traditionally underserved.   

The top ranked school are scattered throughout the country, showing that the best schools are not concentrated in any one geographic area.  Nine different states are represented among the top ten schools while the top 100 schools span 29 states.

Staff writer Brad Nevels contributed to this story.

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