Scottsboro City Schools Superintendent Dr. Jay Reyes attended the Scottsboro City Council work session Monday evening to discuss additional school resource officers.

“I’m here to stand up for the children of Scottsboro city,” said Reyes.

The Scottsboro City School system currently gave two school resource officers (SRO), one at Scottsboro High School and Scottsboro Junior High School. Reyes said he wants to increase police presence at the schools. He wants to hire retired police officers to work part time. These retired officers would work six hours per day and five days per week.

Reyes said the money to hire an extra officer would come from three places. The school system has a partnership with Water, Sewer, Gas and the police department where Scottsboro citizens can donate money to the SRO fund through their WSG bill. Reyes said they are getting about $1,100 a month in pledges. That equals $13,200 per year.

He said they have received $16,000 in donations from local businesses. Reyes mentioned the majority of the donations came from High Country Toyota. The Scottsboro City School system also raised tuition for the first time since the mid-1990s. This year, the school system made $75,000 in tuition. That is $20,000 more than last year, and Reyes said he would like to use the money for the SRO program.

Reyes thinks more people will get involved with the program when they see the school system add more SROs at their schools. Reyes said every citizen can give as little as three dollars per month, and he sees no reason why they could not have four or five SROs. He said the goal is to have a total of 5 SROs.

Councilman Mike Ashburn proposed a budget amendment to give the Scottsboro City School system $30,000 from ad valorem taxes to add another school resource officer. The council will vote on Ashburn’s proposal at their regular meeting next Monday.

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