Three members of the Paint Rock Valley board attended the Jackson County Commission work session to give an update of the progress they have made.

Mable Bishop said the board has checked into the cost and monthly expenses to operate the former Paint Rock Valley High School campus as a community center. The insurance for the entire property is $18,097. The light bill is between $22,000 and $23,000, but Josh Fralick said that number would be lower because of some other factors.

She said the board presented this to the community on Aug. 22, and the community decided they wanted to pursue leasing the building from the Jackson County Board of Education. The board received over $1,100 in donations at the meeting. It is also working on obtaining its 501c3 non-profit status.

County Attorney John Porter said the next step is to get a commitment from Superintendent Kevin Dukes that the Board of Education would enter into a lease agreement with the Paint Rock Valley Board.

Fralick said the board wants to do several events at the school. He said regular events would bring in around $30,000, and they want to have extra events like a hunting expo and softball tournaments. He said once the bluegrass festival gets going again, that event would pay for itself. He said Eddie Prince was more than willing to help them get that event back on its feet.

“We have a really good plan of how we’re going to do things,” said Fralick. “We just need to move to the next step.”

Fralick said the board wanted to host an event on Oct. 26 so they need to move forward as quickly as possible.

District 4 Commissioner Mike Sisk commended the board for all they have done. Commission Chairman Tim Guffey said the board is doing a great job. 

“It sounds like they’ve got a good plan and already got some money,” said Guffey. “I’m excited for them.”

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