When the students enrolled in the Summer Reading Camp at Caldwell Elementary School, they did not realize that some special guests would be visiting them. 

During the first week of the camp, athletes from Scottsboro High School spent time with the young students.

The teachers and administrators of the camp want the students to have fun.  They have incorporated guests for each day to make this happen.

Last week a group of Scottsboro High School athletes took time out from their day to spend time with these campers. 

They instructed them a little in their sport, played ball with them, and the cheerleaders did some routines and cheers.  The varsity athletes probably don’t realize how much the younger students admire them.

The softball players who came included Kambree Doss, Alyssa Smart, Emma Cunningham, Kylie Wright, Jerrica Holt, Ella Lee, Hayden Miles and Brooklyn McGee,

Morgan Perkins, Bree Sexton, Madison Rains, Adair Holland, Judeyah Edmondson, Alyssa Paschual, Lilla Bell, Lexi Bennett, Olivia Tubbs and Audrey Holland are the girls basketball players who came to the camp.

The boys basketball team was represented by Parker Bell, Eli Sparks, Luke Terrell, Austin Bergers, Jared Scott, Trey Cooper, Ethan Roberts, Tripp Nelson, Evan Petriske, Gabriel Jackson, Reese Kritner and Tyler Shelton.

Varsity football players who visited the young campers included Will Dukes, Sam Dukes, Cade Holder, Holland Griggs, Austin Rule, Zach Riley, Jake Vance, Porter Mitchem and Drake Talley.

Cheerleaders who participated included Ella Rose Hancock, Blair Butler, Bentley Allen, Avidd Gamble, Ella Claire Hodges, Ansley Skipper, Maggie Whitaker, Ella Lee, Caroline Sanders, Marrienne Heikkinen, Anna Claire Shelton, Lily Beth Hood, Taylor Edgar, Alyssa Corbin, Ruby Cobb, Amaya Whitson, Anna Claire Childress, Brelee Hammond and Camden Thrasher.

Representing the cross country team were Madison Blanton, Ava Selby, Shelton Linville, Mabry Bonsall, Smith Bradford, Collins Bradford, Emma Bradford, Cambree Bradford, Gracy Coley, Sadye Webb, Cadence Laughlin, Lauren Judge, Rex Green, Ridge Wells, Reese Bell, Evan Hill, Wilson Hill and Zach Avenel.

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