September marked the three-year anniversary of construction work beginning on Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County.

Work is now progressing on the pavilion that will have restrooms and a covered area with picnic tables.

Work on the Monumental Circle is 95% complete with remaining work consisting of placement of educational kiosks with a total of 36 “pages” of information on U.S. history. One kiosk and two “pages” are now installed.

Through June, the value of all installed work at the park totaled $424,000. This figure includes donated services, materials and volunteer time. Of that total, actual expenditures for contractors and materials is $267,000. This money came from cash donations, grants and the sale of benches and pavers.

Funding is still needed to complete the park. The biggest item is paying the remaining $21,000 balance for the granite monuments and Honor Wall that were all purchased at one time to ensure consistent quality and save on material and installation cost.

Other remaining items are kiosks, pavilion, parking lot paving and a few more concrete pads and sidewalks and final landscaping.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available for service monuments and POW-MIA monument ($5,000); granite door display ($4,000) and entrance plaque and granite base ($3,000). Sponsor names will be placed on the items above. In addition, granite benches ($3,500) and brick pavers ($100 and $200) are available for purchase.

Monthly meetings of the board of directors for the park are held to discuss progress and fundraising, as well as other items related to the park operation.

The Veterans Memorial Park is ready for visitors during the day or at night (the park is lighted). Except for the kiosks mentioned, the Monument Circle is complete. Over 400 engraved brick pavers are installed with room for an additional 900 pavers. Sixteen engraved benches are installed with room for five more.

For more information on the park, visit or contact board president, Larry Becker at 256-999-0102.

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