The Jackson County Commission approved the changing of its meeting schedule Monday afternoon.

The commission will meet on the second and fourth Monday of every month. It will have a regular meeting followed by a work session. The change will go into effect on July 27 with the meeting starting at 4:30 p.m. The commission changed the schedule to promote social distancing and limit exposure time.

The issue was discussed at the commission’s work session last week.

Commission Chairman Tim Guffey said the commission has been receiving a great deal of complaints on its Facebook live videos because they are not social distancing during meetings. Guffey requested that the commission take another look at its schedule because of the Coronavirus.

He suggested having a work session on the first Monday of every month and having a regular meeting on the third Monday of every month to limit exposure time with each other and with the public.  He said the commission could always hold an emergency meeting if an issue came up.

District 2 Commissioner Jason Venable said he was not against having meetings every two weeks to limit exposure, but he proposed having a regular meeting followed by a work session every two weeks.

He said it gives the commissioners ample amount of time to think about how they will vote on issues, and it will allow the commission to have two work sessions and two meetings every month. The other commissioners agreed with Venable’s suggestion, and the commission will vote on his proposal next week.

Venable’s concern with meeting every week in the commission’s new board room was that if someone comes in that has Coronavirus, because it is close quarters, more people could be exposed to the virus.

“I felt like we’re not being good representatives if we don’t social distance,” said Guffey. “We’re going to have to start doing things in the county of we expect others to do it.”

Guffey said the commission will still meet four times every month, and they will still be doing the same amount of work.

“I just think that if we get the same amount of work done, but we do it in less exposure time, it will be able to help people,” said Guffey.

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