The Jackson County Commission held a short meeting Monday afternoon. The commission approved its budget, made board appointments and finished up some old business at the meeting.

The commission approved a motion and signed a resolution to lease the land of Sportsman’s Landing to the City of Scottsboro. This issue was brought to the commission in July.

Commission Chairman Tim Guffey said the Sportsman’s Club had a lease on the property in the Lakeside Community in Scottsboro for 99 years. The group used to take care of the property, but they no longer do. Guffey said the area is grown up and run down.

He said the city of Scottsboro asked if the club would sign the property over to the county and if the county would sign it back over to the city. The city would renovate the dock and maintain the area and make it accessible to the public.

The commission approved the creation of an election administrator/accounting clerk for the probate office, and it approved the job description for the newly created position.

The Jackson County Commission approved its 2020 fiscal year budget with a $280,000 deficit. It appointed two members to the DeKalb-Jackson Water Supply Board. Marcus Miles, Frank Yates and Johnny McAllister all submitted letters to be considered for the board, and the commission appointed Yates and McAllister, whose terms will expire in March 2023.

The commission re-appointed Nancy Hodges and Robert Matthews to the Jackson County Healthcare Authority. Both terms will expire in September 2025. The council also appointed Dylan Smith to the Jackson County Healthcare Authority. Penny Green, Ron Ricker, John Hawes, Smith, Max Fuller and Brenda McSheehan all submitted letters for consideration.

Hawes and Smith were nominated, but the commission chose Smith to serve the term that expires in September 2025. Guffey said it was good to see so many good candidates for the position and mentioned some of them may be considered for other board appointments in the future.  

The Jackson County Commission will have a work session on oct. 7 at 4:30 p.m., and it will have a town hall meeting with the Jackson County Legislative Delegation at 6 p.m.

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