The Jackson County Commission selected and approved a geotechnical consultant to begin work on County Road 189.  

County Road 189 is located on Summerhouse Mountain in Bridgeport. It was damaged in the floods of February 2019.

County Engineer Jonathan Campbell said the public works department sent out a request for proposal for geotechnical services to start the geophysical, geotechnical and topographical surveying for the slope failure on County Road 189.

“This will start the process for understanding the subsurface profile, potential failure cause, and potential mitigation options.  We must have this information to establish scope of work for the repair and select an appropriate contractor,” said Campbell.

Campbell said because the commission chose one of the options presented on Monday, work on County Road 189 could begin in one or two weeks. He said the duration of the project could last anywhere from seven weeks to 21 weeks.

S & ME, Inc. was the consultant chosen to conduct the geotechnical work. They are the same company who did the geotechnical work on County Road 17. Commission Chairman Tim Guffey said the geotechnical work would cost about $33,000.

Guffey asked Campbell to start doing research for prices on County Road 93. He said he wants to get these projects moving along as quickly as possible. Guffey is hopeful to have the projects on County Road 17 and County Road 189 done by the end of the calendar year.

If the weather permits, he hopes to start work on County Road 93 by the beginning of 2021.

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