The Scottsboro City Council Approved a feasibility study in hopes of attracting a hotel group to downtown.

During their Oct. 5 meeting, the council also discussed various capital improvements to the Solid Waste Department and recycling center.

A contract for $9,500 was approved to conduct a viability study for a hotel chain on Mainstreet. The city will pay $4,750 up front and will only have to pay the other half of the fee if it is found that a hotel development is viable in downtown Scottsboro.

While the city will have to pay the second half of the $9,500, this does not guarantee that the developer will construct the project.

According to Katie Kirkland, the events and marketing coordinator for Scottsboro, the last hotel feasibility study was done in 2015 but primarily focused on Goose Pond Island instead of Scottsboro itself.

The City Council approved $34,000 to go to the electrical buildout for an addition to the City’s recycling center.

This money is part of the matching funds and requirements needed by the recycling center to allow to receive a grant of $140,000. This is part of the grant the center received from ADEM in August that became available on Oct. 1 as part of the FY21 fiscal year.

The council also approved a budget amendment for a dozier repair, to be paid out of excess sales tax for the Solid Waste Department.

The council also approved $138,000 for a track hoe to be purchased by the Solid Waste Department. The city had been renting a track hoe for the last six months. Purchasing the machinery is seen as a cost savings measure by the council as it is likely to continue to need the equipment.

It would cost the city approximately $5,000 per month to rent the machine. The solid waste department uses the track hoe to bury certain types of waste that cannot lay on top of other waste.

The council approved a contract with Skipper Consulting for $16,000 to update a warrant study regarding a traffic light on Highway 35 and a service road.

According to the Mayor of Scottsboro, Robin Shelton, new developments along the road require an update to a traffic study and warrant study is needed. The last study was completed in 2012 by Skipper Consulting.

The plan will include an update to the warrant study and will adjustments to meet new Alabama Department of Transportation specifications.

Once complete, Shelton stated that Skipper Consulting will assume all liability for the project.

Two vehicles owned by the city — one 2005 Ford Explorer and one 2006 Ford Explorer — were added to the city’s surplus property and given to Highlands Medical Center.

A measure was approved by the city to allow to Scottsboro Fire Department to surplus three fire trucks — a 2010 Pierce Fire Engine, a 2002 Pierce fire engine and a 1995 T1 fire engine. The department recently replaced these fire engines.

A list of other property from the Fire Department was approved to be offered up to other fire departments in the county.

“It doesn’t have a ton of value, but some of these volunteers can use it,” said Fire Chief Gene Niklaus. “I’d like to see it go there.”

The council approved the annual funding for the Scottsboro Airport. This is a part of an annual process by the City and is done at the beginning of every fiscal year.

The council approved a second payment of $22,434.39 for the addition to the Scottsboro Heritage Center addition. The addition began construction in July of this year and is expected to be completed in April of 2021.

The council tabled the alcohol license for Dollar General store #20941 as there was not a representative from the store present.

The council approved the purchase of a vehicle for the Scottsboro Police Department, totaling $42,500.

All city council members that were present, praised the work done by Mainstreet Scottsboro in the administration of First [finish this sentence] and specifically mentioned work done by Kirkland to ensure the smooth operation of the event.

The council meeting was continued until Oct. 13 at noon to canvass the runoff for Scottsboro City Council Place 2, between Nita Tolliver and Patrick Stewart.

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