The Jackson County Board of Education approved Drew McNutt to be the next principal at Skyline High School. McNutt will take over at Skyline on March 30. He has been the assistant principal at North Sand Mountain since July 2019. McNutt will replace Jason Davidson, who was appointed as the principal of the Earnest Pruett Center of Technology earlier this year.

Jackson County Schools Superintendent Kevin Dukes said McNutt has done a very impressive job everywhere he has been, and the people at NSM have been bragging on him and the job he has done this school year.

“You can tell he’s a natural born leader,” said Dukes. “Mr. Davidson has done an outstanding job and I expect (McNutt) to do great things as well.”

Dukes said he does not want McNutt to “just go with the flow.” Dukes wants him to be his own principal.

“I want him to do something special for Skyline. I want him to take that job to the next level,” said Dukes. “Mr. Davidson did a better job than I ever could have, now I want Mr. McNutt to do an even better job than Mr. Davidson.”

McNutt said he is ready to get to work.

“My family and I are excited to be there and be a part of the community,” said McNutt. “I’m ready to build on the foundation that Mr. Gorham has set, Mr. Dukes has set, and Mr. Davidson has set. I’m ready to build on that and make it my own.”

McNutt said his goals were to continue the academically rich tradition that Skyline has, and he wants to try to improve on it. He wants to give the community something to continue to be proud of. He also wants to find areas that are possibly lacking and try to make them better.

“I cannot thank Mr. Dukes and the board enough for entrusting me with this position,” said McNutt. “Thank you to Mr. Roden and the North Sand Mountain Staff and community for letting me be on their team. I cannot thank them enough.”

McNutt taught at Pleasant Grove High School in Jefferson County for one year. He taught at Scottsboro High School and Junior High for 13 years before taking the assistant principal job at NSM.

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