New President

City Attorney Stephen Kennamer hands over the gavel to the new Scottsboro City Council President Richard "Pudge" Bailey.

Scottsboro City Council member Richard Bailey has been elected council president.

Bailey was nominated to the position by Mike Ashburn. Bailey was elected unanimously, except for Council Member Gary Stewart who was not present at the meeting for health reasons.

During the organizational meeting, Scottsboro’s newly elected Mayor, Jim McCamy, began making his recommendations for the department heads and other city government positions.

McCamy requested an extension to the current appointments, that would allow the department heads to continue to serve in an interim status until the first meeting in December. The mayor hoped to utilize this time to get a better understanding of the positions and those filling the position as well.

“I’m not comfortable with making that decision yet,” said McCamy as he has not yet worked with some who are working in city government. “I don’t feel it would be fair to them to make a decision now.”

McCamy’s request was granted for all but four positions — City Clerk, City Attorney, Fire Chief and Chief of Police. According to City Attorney Stephen Kennamer these positions are generally appointed during the organizational meeting.

To these positions, McCamy recommended that Whitney Phillips be appointed to the position of City Clerk, Stephen Kennamer for the position of City Attorney, and Gene Necklaus to the position of Fire Chief.

Ron Latimer was appointed to the position of interim chief of police for the Scottsboro Police Department. Latimer has served in this capacity since Ralph Dawe retired in June of this year.

In a largely procedural measure, the council also appointed new members — Nita Tolliver was elected to City Council Place 2 and Ralph Dawe was elected to City Council Place 1 during the 2020 municipal elections — as well as McCamy to the Solid Waste Disposal Authority.

The authority has traditionally consisted of the mayor, all members of the city council and the city clerk; however, members of the council are allowed to simply occupy these positions upon being sworn into their elected positions.

They are required to be nominated and it must be voted on due to legal restrictions.

Ashburn was also elected to the position of president pro-tempore; he was nominated to the position as Dawe. The position of president pro-tempore exists to carry out the duties of the president when they cannot be present at a city council meeting.

The Scottsboro City Council will have their first regular meeting and work session on Nov. 9 and will discuss McCamy’s recommendations for other department heads during the first meeting in December.

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