Selena Necklaus

Selena Necklaus

Scottsboro High School junior Selena Necklaus  loves working with young children, and her enthusiasm shows in her job at Club Wildcat.  Selena works each afternoon with the after school program through the Co-op Program at the high school.

Necklaus says that the first thing she does is help with the kindergarten students.  She assists with everything from putting up backpacks to opening up snacks.  She helps any student who needs her during the homework time.

Her daily routine includes helping the second and third grade teacher.  She might have to help with other classes if one of the teachers is absent.

This young lady is willing to do whatever needs to be done from emptying trash to cleaning the tables after snack.

  “Selena is a perfect fit for Club Wildcat,” says Carrie Bradford, community education coordinator for Scottsboro City Schools.  “She is a former after school student herself.  It’s wonderful to see these former students return in an adult mentoring position through the SHS Co-op program.  Selena is a sweet blessing for our kindergarten through sixth grade students at Club Wildcat.”

Necklaus is gaining some experience which will come in handy when she becomes a kindergarten teacher herself one day. 

She plans to attend Northeast Alabama Community College then transfer to Athens State University to obtain her degree in education.

 “One of my favorite things about my job,” says Necklaus, “is whenever all the kids get to Club Wildcat with smiles on their faces ready to tell me about their day.” 

She also loves  it when the students walk up to her and give her a hug as they arrive for the afternoon.

 “I love my job,” said Necklaus. “I feel so thankful to get to come here every day and work with kids.  I love kids, and I’ve always wanted to be a teacher.  I’m forever thankful and blessed to have this job.”

Necklaus is a member of the Junior Civitan Club and the American Legion Auxiliary Junior.  She is a Top Cat at the high school. She has earned the bronze and silver awards as a Girl Scout.

English is this busy young lady’s favorite school subject. 

“I love writing,” she adds.

In addition to her job at Club Wildcat, Necklaus also volunteers with Encompass Hospice.  When she has free time, she enjoys being with her friends, going outside, and volunteering.  She has one dog named Lucky.

Selena is the daughter of Morris and Veronica Necklaus. Her siblings are Trey and Meaghan Necklaus and Heather Hudson.  Her grandparents are the late Anna Rose and Morris Necklaus and Washington and Teresa Garcia. 

She attends St. Jude Catholic Church where she is a member of the Holy Spirit Catholic Youth Group.

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