Dutton native Randall Rush says he has spent a lot of his life writing, but never wrote a book. At 72, that changed when he chose to write a parting memo to his descendants to help them understand how the country came about and some of what needs to be done to keep it.

“A 20-page memo became a 500-page book,” said Rush.

Rush’s book, titled The American Experiment ­—Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, was written in a style he says was a one-sided conversation with an unidentified descendant that sometimes changed to a conversation with or to some named public figure.

“Like a conversation, the subject matter sometimes skips around and then returns,” said Rush.

Rush, who now lives in Guntersville, grew up in Dutton and graduated Section High School in 1966. He received a degree in chemical engineering at Auburn University in 1972 and later received a law degree at Birmingham School of Law.

Rush spent his career and later retired from the Southern Company in Birmingham.

Rush says he’s neither a Democrat or Republican, and he holds both parties responsible for most of the problems in America today.

“Both created the ‘sewer’ that is Washington D.C. and is populated by sewer rats who think they are in charge and the rest of us are to shut up and obey,” said Rush. “I am simply an American concerned that the country he loves and that nurtured him is turning its back on the things that created its freedom—a freedom that has never before been seen in history and if it fails here will never be seen again.”

Rush said his book as become his public scream as America disintegrates before his eyes.

“At my age I can do little else,” he said. “I hope the book helps at least a little.”

The book is available in paperback and hardcover through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is also available as an eBook.

Rush can be reached at rerush01@gmail.com.

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