Retired Teachers

Pictured, left to right: Don Hodges, Brenda Brown, Mayor Robin Shelton, Commission Chairman Tim Guffey, Sue Pickett and Toni McGriff

The Jackson County Education Retirees Association celebrated Retired Teachers Day on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

Scottsboro Mayor Robin Shelton signed a proclamation declaring Tuesday as retired teacher’s day, and he spoke at the gathering. He said public education is the foundation of our society and the most critical element of our civilization. Shelton said our public educators have carried the torch of knowledge, opening doors to the challenge and excitement of learning. Teachers display commitment to students and their education.

“Retired public educators are worthy of the highest praise and recognition,” said Shelton.

Jackson County Commission Chairman Tim Guffey also spoke at the meeting. He said teachers are the most influential role models for developing young minds. He said great teachers connect with students, and they look out for their students inside and outside of the classroom.

Guffey said education was important to economic development. He said Jackson County is seeing growth, and all companies looking into the area ask about the county’s education system.

“I’m about to be 51 years old, and I still remember the teachers that affected my life,” said Guffey.

Guffey said he was “the worst student you could think of”," and there were teachers who believed in him when no one else did. He wanted to thank all teachers for everything they do.

Jackson County Education Retirees Association President Toni McGriff said the retired teachers association spend hours doing volunteer work. That can be anything from driving a neighbor to a doctor appointment to working at a food bank. She said the state level assigns a dollar amount for the amount of work they do. Last year, the Jackson County Education Retirees Association received a check for $108,000.

Retired teachers will go to schools and work with children, work at their churches or serve on county or city boards.

“This little group of retired folks still have a big impact on the community,” said McGriff.

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