The Jackson County Commission approved the donation of a surplus Emergency Management Agency vehicle to the county hospital board.

This has been a topic of discussion at several commission meetings over the last few months. The hospital has been using the vehicle to respond to emergency situations. District 4 Commissioner Mike Sisk thought the commission should sell the vehicle to the hospital instead of donating it.

During Monday’s meeting, District 2 Commissioner Jason Venable made a motion to donate the vehicle to the hospital board. Sisk asked if there was an amount of money attached, and Venable said no. He said he thinks the use the hospital is getting out of the vehicle outweighs anything the commission should ask for it.

“That’s my motion. If anybody wants to put a dollar amount on it and ask for payment, you’re welcome to make that motion. The serve this community, and we’re elected to serve the community so I think we should donate it to them,” said Venable.

Commission Chairman Tim Guffey said the vehicle has been involved in several lifesaving situations.

In previous meetings, Sisk has said the vehicle was worth about $9,000. He had also mentioned selling it to the hospital for $5,000.

“I can agree with the process Mr. Venable said, but I feel like we should get a little something out of it,” said Sisk.

Sisk voted against the donation of the vehicle.

Guffey said he thinks donating the vehicle was the right choice.

“That’s what I think we should’ve done the whole time,” said Guffey. “Plain and simple, it saves lives. Tax dollars are supposed to serve the citizens and that vehicle serves the citizens of Jackson County. I feel good about it. I think it’s a good decision.”   

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