It happened last week. 

“What?” you probably thought immediately.

“My tomato plant started producing red ripe tomatoes,” I answer.

Yes, that’s right. I got the first fresh from the pot tomato a little more than a week ago. Immediately, I enjoyed a Southerner’s delight — a tomato sandwich on white bread with mayonnaise slathered all about.

It was delicious and a treat I had been thinking about for weeks.

Each day since, until yesterday, I’ve enjoyed a fresh tomato. Now, my plant is loaded but none are quite ready for the picking. No matter, in a few days I’ll enjoy tomato sandwiches, and tomatoes on salad and on the side. 

“Don’t you just love fresh tomatoes? How about fresh vegetables?” I ask. “I know the answer, most of you do.”

I’ve also got a squash plant in a pot. It’s getting huge and has blooms and small squash. In several days, I’ll add that to the mix and we’ll enjoy them in a variety of different ways.

The tomato plant I got was made specifically to grow in a pot (modern horticulture). I put it in a semi-large pot and have watched it grow and flourish. I’m sure we’ll have tomatoes through July and, at least, well into August.

It beats the try I made from two seasons ago (I didn’t even bother last year). In 2011, I tried the much-ballyhooed Topsy Turvy. I planted two tomato plants and hung them from the beams on my front deck. 

The bottom of the Topsy Turvy container hung about head high on me — or about 6 feet above the floor of the deck. I’ve never seen tomato plants grow quite so large. They hit the floor and even spread out. I thought, “woohoo, tomatoes galore”. Well, I was disappointed. Neither plant produced one delicious fruit, nary a one.

So much for the Topsy Turvy. Tomato plants grew upside down at my house but what’s the point if it’s fruitless?

Back to the squash. I thought if a tomato plant will grow in a pot so will squash. To be safe I put two in one pot. That was a mistake. This plant is growing, not so tall, but it won’t be long before it’s as big around as a kid’s small inflatable pool. 

I now know, I’ve hit on something. Next summer, Good Lord willing, I’ll add to my garden when planting season arrives, I’ve got a shelf like structure in mind to hold my pot (not to be confused with the illegal weed) garden. I envision not only tomatoes and squash but okra, cucumbers and some mild pepper plants. If there was a way I would toss some Silver Queen corn in there as well, but I think that’s a stretch.

Now, the first chance I get, I’ll make an early morning trip to the Farmer’s Market and get some good fresh veggies to compliment what I already have and we’ll enjoy some good eating for a few days like I remember as a kid when a full garden was the norm at the Bonner household.

Happy summer. Enjoy the harvest.

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