Dear Editor:

Normally, when I see a letter to the editor, I will read it, consider it, and move on.  But a recent letter simply requires a response.  Tom Bragg’s letter of adoration regarding the current President is so full of distortions that I feel compelled to note a few of the inaccuracies.

He claims that during the Obama Administration that outrageous policies regarding wind and solar power, and Climate Change were instituted. Today, there are more jobs available in renewable energy field than in fossil fuels.  Recently, Exxon scientists revealed that Exxon has known since early 1980’s that the use of fossil fuels would lead to destructive climate change in a few years.  Yet the executives hid the research and plowed forward with company profits to the detriment of the planet!  And now, we have extreme weather patterns all over the world, glaciers are melting at an alarming rate and top rated scientists everywhere are warning that we may only have a very few years to correct the damage. (Unless, they are in the US Government and then they have been ordered to bury their research.) 

Bragg speaks of tepid support to Our Friends -Israel.  This is a country that has been collecting billions of American dollars since the establishment of modern Israel in 1947 and yes, they received that support under Obama.  Now, we come to our friends, the Kurds in Northern Syria.  They have helped the US fight Isis for years and even last week in the killing of Baghdadi, all to be abandoned by President Trump on a whim.

President Obama’s policies did not divide or polarize the country.  The lies perpetrated by Fox and spewed by extreme right Republicans divided the country.  Karl Rove, Republican strategist, began the lie campaign for the Republican Party in the 1980’s when he supported George W. Bush and used the phrase that “If you say it enough, it becomes the truth.”  This is based on a similar statement from Joseph Goebbels of Hitler’s staff.  “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.  The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.  It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Bragg claims that Obama’s “mannerisms” lead to his re-election.  Did he mean Obama’s ability to string two sentences together in a cogent manner?  Or his ability to deliver an inspiring speech without threatening to hit someone? Or his ability to show respect for everyone and not belittle war heroes, families of soldiers, the disabled, or Hispanics?  Maybe it was Obama’s mannerism to tell the truth, as opposed to constant lies, distortions, and exaggerations for personal benefit that helped him.

The Special Counsel Robert Mueller had bi-partisan support in the establishment of the investigation into the 2016 election.  The Mueller Report did, in fact, show numerous instances of wrongdoing by the Trump campaign, and 34 people have been indicted with some already serving prison time. More importantly, the meddling by Russia in an American election was reported, proven, and shared with strong urging by Robert Mueller to do something before the next election.  There was ample evidence that Russia and other countries are even now meddling in our country.  But Trump’s assertion that he was “fully exonerated” is simply another lie by him.

Impeachment is a very serious matter and should be looked upon with care.  It is not an “invented Impeachment.”  Check the Constitution of the United States, Article 1, Section 2.  It remains to be seen how the impeachment process will end.  Perhaps President Trump will not be impeached.  Perhaps he will be.

So, now let’s talk about the Democrats.  We certainly have different ideas about many subjects than does the Republican Party.  (Not all Republicans support the nonsense going on now.)  We think people should have respect as human beings, even if we do not agree with how they behave, speak, or live.  We think people should have enough to eat, have clothing, have shelter, have healthcare.  Where did we get that Socialist idea? From Jesus Christ – Matthew 25: 35-40.Bottom of Form

Bragg claims that Democrats believe in dependence on government, not God.  Truthfully,  Democrats believe that government can and should help those who need help.  That is not at the exclusion of God.  Without God’s help, we can do nothing!  We believe that children should not be hungry at any time, but certainly not at school. The School Nutrition Program has helped millions of children, but a change in regulations led by the Trump Administration right now will throw thousands of children out of the Nutrition Program

Under the Trump Administration, unemployment has dropped and that is great.  New jobs are coming available and that is great, but consumer confidence is not at a high level.  The Dow Jones has been high and it has fallen to near record levels – all because Trump interferes with the market with his outrageous comments, claims, and threats. 

Those job-killing Obama regulations that have been overturned, will now allow big business to plunder natural resources that have been held in trust for the nation.  They will allow pollution of our water to flow at record speed and even bottled water won’t be able to take up the slack.  The Trump Administration is responsible for rolling back or repealing 85 regulations that relate to clean water, requiring oil and gas companies to report methane emissions, controlling the release of toxins into the water and air, and other regulations that preserved a clean living environment.

The recent killing of Baghdadi is a positive event for the Mideast and America.  However, it is not the end of Isis and it is not the destruction of a Caliphate.   Beginning in February 2017, Kim Jung Un began testing missiles and has continued to test as recently as September 2019.  Under Kim, more missile tests have occurred than occurred in the past 27 years and this includes nuclear tests, which no other country in the world is doing.  Perhaps President Trump thinks his charm and appeasement will stop Kim, but so far it has not! Claims to the contrary are simply untrue!

If one reads the list of “accomplishments” of President Trump, one will find that almost all are for the benefit of big business and the supremely wealthy.  Not one thing benefits the average American.  The Trump Tax Cut went to the wealthy.  Average Americans may have a job, but their salaries have not risen and saving money is almost impossible for the majority of Americans.  Few have even one month’s savings to rely on in an emergency.  Right decisions?  Really, they are very hard to find in this Administration.  If one is enamored by lies and is impressed by someone who flaunts his foul language, his disdain for anyone not him, his narcissism, his flaunting of all levels of propriety, then maybe he is your guy!

The worst part of Mr. Bragg’s letter, however, is his constant denouncement of Democrats as not being Christian.  There is no possible way for Mr. Bragg to know whether anyone is a Christian or not (and it is not up to him to judge) and to lump an entire group of millions of people together and declare that they “want nothing to do with God” is the height of un-Christianity.  Shame on you.  See what Jesus has to say about that in Matthew 7: 1-5

Believe what you wish.  Everyone has a right to his/her own opinion.  However, no one has a right to his/her own version of the truth (there is only one!) and if you believe in a man who is now in his 13,000 lie, go ahead.  I refer you back to Paragraph 4.

—Toni McGriff

Proud Democrat


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