For one week, let’s not think about those things we cannot control.

Let’s not talk about Roy Moore and whether he’s a pedophile or a man being done wrong.

Let’s not worry about Doug Jones and whether he’s a baby killer or just believes a woman has a right to choose.

By all means, let’s not think about what President Trump might do on Twitter this week.

No instead, let’s think about what we have to be thankful. Let’s not worry about hating someone, or letting everything be decided by the letters R and D.

In Alabama, one could argue this is the best week of the year. It’s Thanksgiving. The workweek is short. School is out. There’s great food.

And there’s a football game we all clamor and wait on each year. It’s something called the Iron Bowl.

So, give the world a rest for a few days. Spend some time with your family, watch some football and eat some great food.

All of the politics, hate and Twitter will still be there come next week.

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