Dear Editor:

On Jan. 6, 2021 when the Electoral College vote was held at the Capital, a riot ensued along with the protest; and the Capital was stormed.  The reason for the protests at the Capital was the steal of the U.S. Presidential Election. Pelosi and the Washington, DC Mayor had refused to allow extra security to be present even though there was strong evidence ahead of time that there would be trouble. 

They even declined President Trump’s request to send 10,000 National Guard troops.  A riot (storming of the Capital) ensued and subsequent attempts were made to lay the blame at President Trump via a second impeachment. 

All of this occurred after never ending riots, looting and burning took place starting about May 2020 by Democrat operative’s Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  Those continuing riots were seemingly justified by police brutality in several famous cases such as George Floyd. 

The only problem was that in the long run when all the evidence was available all the justifications pretty much turned out to be a sham, and there was no justification for the riots based on the deaths such as in the George Floyd case. 

When the riot occurred at the Capital there was genuine concern based on an abundance of evidence that the Presidential election had been stolen.  Although stolen it was easy to assume at that time that the election, though stolen, may have been relatively close.  The protests on Jan. 6, though, had legitimate reasons for protest – a stolen Presidential election.  

The riots, of course, were not justified; and the rioters must be held accountable (not all the rioters were Trump supporters).  As time has evolved more and more evidence has been revealed which only amplifies the fact that the election was stolen, but that it was stolen such that a Trump landslide was averted lending even more validity to the cause of the Capital protests – again certainly not the rioting.

As you can see though, the Mother of Protesting is the Democrats who have used violence day in and day out to intimidate Americans into submission, submission to any and all authority of Democrats who, in addition to this violence, played an ultimate weapon in the theft of a landslide.  That takes us to focus on the biggest scandal in the history of the United States of America – the Theft of the 2020 Presidential Election.  Not only was it stolen, it reversed a landslide; such that a Trump win with about a 18 million vote margin (i.e., about Trump’s 83 million to Biden’s 65 million).  The election steal was primarily perpetrated in six battleground states:  Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  Mail-in ballots identified as likely fraudulent in these states numbered ~3,070,000 where there was a total Biden margin of victory of ~314,000 votes.  In other words, Trump could have had a margin of victory in these states alone of ~2,656,000 votes.

Ah, but we’ve only really seen the tip of the iceberg.  It had already been clearly revealed that in Antrim County, Michigan that Dominion Voting Machines flipped ~7,000 votes out of about 15,700 cast.  After taking the matter to court, the voting results dramatically changed from 65-35 Biden to 65-35 Trump.  Antrim County blew the lid off of the Dominion Voting machine fraud.  The Antrim, Michigan forensics report stated:  “We conclude that the Dominion Voting system is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”

Evidence of the voting machine fraudulence has only been more fully coming to light in recent weeks.  These Dominion machines can connected to the internet and many votes were intercepted at transfer points and flipped.  Cybersecurity experts begin collecting information as early as Nov. 1 and foreign interference was identified in 2,925 counties in the United States, primarily in the 6 battleground states.  As early as 2015 it was known the election machines were open for hacker steal at transfer points.  Every single attack is documented.  Battleground states were bombarded starting about 11:00 pm CST on election night.  The documented foreign interference shows the IT address of the hacker, the source of the hack (i.e., China was >66%), computer hacked, state hacked, county hacked, and method of hack (fake credentials, broke firewall, and if successful), and number of votes changed.  As indicated most of the hacks came from China, but also came from Europe and Iran with a multitude of intrusions.  It is estimated that the final Presidential vote tally alone affected by these cybersecurity attacks changed the vote from 81M Biden, 74M Trump to 80 M Trump, 68 M Biden.  Thus Biden went from 7 M up in the popular vote to 12 M down.

There have been monstrous attempts to keep all of that fraud from coming to light.  The constant media canceling all mention of voter fraud, FBI and CIA attempts to suppress the release of vital information, local election officials preventing a full investigation, state governments and courts resisting all attempts at investigation of fraud, and overall massive punishing anyone of even mentioning voting machine fraud.  The Michigan Attorney General even threatened disbarment for anyone who filed a lawsuit on voter fraud – nothing more than a rule by tyranny.

For example here are a couple of multiple examples of high fraud probability.  Cybersecurity executive and former NASA Analyst, Russ Ramsland, testified that in Wayne County, Michigan where Dominion voting systems equipment was used, 46 out of 47 precincts in the country displayed greater than a 96% voter turnout.  25 out of those precincts showed a 100% voter turnout. 

In Arizona Biden may have received a weighted 130% of Democrat votes in Maricopa County to help him win the state due to an algorithm programmed into the Dominion voting machines used there. All this and more has made it blatantly clear – the 2020 Presidential Election was Stolen!!!

Who understands cybersecurity and the workings of voting machines?  Thus, without an investigation similar to Antrim Country which hasn’t occurred; and full and final determination and verification of fraud by experts can’t occur.  And yet the massive evidence revealed and paranoid attempts to cover up any investigation, much less any attempt to just mention voter fraud, all point to a very definite steal of the election. 

Plainly what happened is that the Democrats planned the perfect steal of the election by massive mail-in ballots, and use of voting machines highly susceptible to fraud; then they executed that plan with a fraudulent massive steal of votes; and finally covered it up so astutely with an unprecedented suppression of all evidence suggesting a steal of the votes; and so far, they have been very successful in the perfect steal. 

It was the perfect crime.  But has there ever been a perfect crime?  Eventually they all see the light of day.  Let’s suggest for a moment that a steal did not take place.  Why not look in one or more suspected places of fraud and just find out exactly what happened.  If no substantial fraud took place, then we all need to shut up and move on.

Recently the Supreme Court finally got around to listening to cases brought forth from Pennsylvania at least 2-3 months ago.  They voted 4 to 3 against hearing the cases with Amy Coney Barrett and Kavanaugh not voting. Thus the Pennsylvania Supreme Court partisan decision not to take up the case stood.  Clarence Thomas blistered the Court for not taking up the cases.

For now where does this leave us?  It leaves us with a country that is run by criminals with corruption running far and deep.  With elections rigged and with no recourse it paints a disheartening picture of the future of the United States of America. 

While I find it unimaginable that this massive theft could be true, we obviously are now living in a third world country; and the steal did surely happen.  Nonetheless, somehow, somewhere, the light will shine on this entire matter and justice will prevail.  Otherwise, we will have just seen the destruction of our country.


—Tom Bragg


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Old Goat

I haven't been sleeping all that well so sometimes I get up early and search the web. Like this article states there was and remains a lot of evidence that there was a concerted effort to steal the Presidential election via voter and election fraud. I searched to see if some of the evidence that was produced shortly after the election had been augmented with additional follow up investigations. Sometimes it isn't the actual evidence of an event that seals a persons conviction that malfeasance occured. Truly a completely overzealous backlash and response blackouts and threats kind of cements and fills in the voids of doubt. When you search voter fraud today its like the concerns of 70-80 million people who voted for Trump have absolutely no validity or even a right to be investigated and the overwhelming HYPE is that President Trump was orchestrated a coup to steal the election. If a person had no exposure whatsoever to the events that took place election night where Trump's substantial lead took a step function change from victory to defeat in the wee hours of the morning simultaneously across the swing States you would have to believe the demon possessed President whose actions have been the most beneficial to all of our nation's citizens by voicing the same concerns as millions of

voters was the one guilty of attempting to steal the election and not those who actually successfully stole it from him. I'm afraid the post election cover up of election and voter fraud exceeds that of the election. The truth is being censored out. Soon we will have to listen for shortwave radio broadcasts from outside our country from "Radio Free America" to find our what really is going on in our government and the ministries of propoganda. We are being destroyed from within.

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