Dear Editor:

In the Oct. 22 Jackson County Sentinel opinion page, Mr. Danny Gardner lies again. I use the word lie because Mr.Gardner knows better, yet still prefers to mislead and divide us. 

It is beyond my comprehension why our JCS would keep allowing commentary from such a divisive and untruthful person.

A simple fact check of his claim that the average family income has rose $5,003 under Trump is simply not true. 

Mr. Gardner sites the new Census Bureau information as his source. However nowhere in the Census data will you find this $5,003 increase number. Want to know where this number is found? The Heritage Foundation.

A conservative think tank which according to Media Bias Fact Check is an extreme right organization. Not the best place to look for actual facts since their record on reporting facts is mixed at best. A quick look on the Snopes website shows that the wealth disparity and income inequality has risen to a 50 year high under Trump. 

Mr. Gardner’s continued opinion pieces running in the JCS does a disservice to all of its readers. He has the right to express his opinions, but we do not have to enable his divisive, misleading and downright lies. 

This is not about politics it is about the pursuit of truth and justice. I do not care what side of the aisle you are on; we all deserve not to be lied to.

The truth does not belong to any president, political party or person. It belongs to us all and is up to us all to seek it out.

—SSGT Stephen J. Wilson

100% disabled USAF veteran


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