Dear Editor:

No thanks, Roy Moore. I will not be voting for you. I made that decision the day you announced you were running for senator.

Time will tell, I hope, if Moore is guilty of recent accusations against him.  He and his multiple accusers know the truth and it is my wish the public knows the truth. I certainly don't know what it is at this point. I am not voting against him based on speculation.

I do not vote for candidates that put their interest above the law. While I respect Moore's right to his beliefs, I do not believe he has the right to break the law because the law may be in conflict with his personal beliefs.  

What I do know is Moore has been removed from office not once but twice for not upholding the laws as he was elected to do. Imagine if you or I did not do our job properly because it was against our convictions.  

I am not sure about you but I could be reported. An invitation to find employment elsewhere may be issued or I could lose my license.  Why shouldn't our elected officials be held to that same standard?

Take it a step further. What if an average citizen believed it was their right to ignore the laws because the laws were in conflict with their personal beliefs?  

Society punishes people for that -thieves, murderers, drug dealers just to name a few. I obey the laws and I believe Moore should have done the same.

—Roxanne Wysock, LPC


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