Dear Editor:

We need to support our Jackson County Sheriff Chuck Phillips and each and every of our deputies.  We never hear any bad things about our Jackson County Sheriff or our deputies.  These people are a shining example of what law enforcement should be for our entire country.  We should be giving these people awards of excellence.

Our sheriff and deputies have some problems, but they are not of their doing.  The Jackson County Commission has defunded them to the point that doing their job has them in constant danger and under stress.

If our deputies get some calls such as domestic violence, they may be a target.  Safety first, there needs to be enough of them to protect each other.  The Commission has reduced them to the point that they only have four deputies doing their very best to protect our children in seventeen schools. 

If someone came to one of our schools with an AR-15 or some other gun that will shoot 50 to 100 times a minute, it would be near to impossible to protect our children; if we had a deputy onsite, if Canada can outlaw these types of weapons we should be able to meanwhile we need enough deputies to protect our children.

Our deputies do their very best to protect and serve our citizens.  It hurts their feelings when they get a call and there is so few of them that they are busy on one side of the county and it takes them over an hour to help us with our call.

Meanwhile, as much as they love us, we are paying them so little that it is no trouble for them to look around and find a job that pays more.  They have to think of what is best for their family.  We would also.  Our Sheriff Chuck Phillips and our deputies have been taking really good care of us, considering how they have been treated by the Jackson County Commission.

Let us take care of our sheriff and our deputies.  We can make sure they are treated a lot better and that here is enough of them to protect each other!  Working together we can make life Better!

—George Lewis



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