Dear Editor:

I have lived on Porter Road for 47 years. Most of this time has been truck free, except the last four years.

Trucks were rerouted to Cecil Street temporarily. Where I grew up, this almost four years is not temporary. Trucks have always traveled Cecil Street. Traffic is probably less on Cecil Street than a few years ago when Collins School was Scottsboro High School because so many students drove their cars to school.

One advantage the people on Cecil Street have is these trucks do not have time to get up to 45-55 miles per hour because of the short street and sharp curve ahead.

Of all the discussions I have heard about which route should be the truck route, I haven’t heard anyone say anything about this being the main ambulance route to and from the hospital. Someone is going to get killed because of this.

Trucks can’t pull off the road like cars can, and some of these truck drivers don’t know that 35 speed limit means 35 speed limit. Another thing is this road was not built by the specs for a truck route.

The plans might have been for a truck route, but they ran into so much trouble when they started in front of hospital. They began drilling more core samples until they found one that suited them.

I have a copy of the original plans, and I watch every day. Most of the old pavement was supposed to have taken up, which was not, some guard rails, but none was put up.

It’s been six months since the decision to make Cecil Street a designated truck routes, and trucks are still running on Porter Road. This is against the law.

As far as the residential area, compared to Cecil Street, one city council member counted the mailboxes: Cecil Street had 12 and Porter Street and Woods Cove Road had more than 40.

I know this road will not hold up because they did not do anything to the foundation. I have called several of the city council members over the last nearly four years. I’ve also called the mayor many times, and he wants to keep the trucks on Porter Road, mostly to benefit Maples.

They are running illegally on this road because the signs that forbid trucks was taken down while the road was being built and never put back up.

It’s time to put the signs back up.

—W.H. Precise


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