Dear Editor:

Alabama voters must scramble in just two short weeks to choose Republican and Democratic Nominees for U.S. Senator, replacing Senator Jeff Sessions.  So far there has been little campaigning locally with what seems to have been a very short season brought on by the unexpected vacancy created by Senator Jeff Sessions being named U.S. Attorney General.

Nevertheless, no less that a total of 10 Republican and 8 Democratic Candidates have qualified. This field, however, has been quickly narrowed with only three GOP Candidates and two Democrats being in serious contention.  As to be expected, the latest Raycom scientific poll indicated that incumbent replacement Luther Strange at 35 percent narrowly over Roy Moore at 33 percent, with Mo Brooks trailing at a distant 16 percent.  The remaining five candidates fail to poll 10 percent or more.

The larger field of Democrats is lead by former Naval Officer from Mobile, Robert Kennedy, Jr. at 49 percent. The only other serious candidate if former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones of Birmingham, trailing with a distant 28 percent. None of the remaining 9 candidates could muster more than 10 percent of poll results.

Obviously, it is reasonable to assume that the Special General Election on Dec. 12 with pit Robert F. Kennedy against either Luther Strange or possibly Roy Moore!  

Google Consumer Surveys also polled the possible scenario with Roy Moore facing Doug Jones that indicated Moore would garner 56 percent to Jones at 44 percent.  A similar poll scenario with Strange facing Robert F. Kennedy predicts Strange walking away with the win at 63 percent.

This is a vitally important election for the U.S. Senate seat. You have less than two weeks until the Primary Election. The vast majority of voters polled to date have said that they do not plan to vote in this election.  What a shame. We live in the greatest democratic society on the face of the earth. Please don't let an apathetic attitude keep you from exercising your right to choose a candidate.

—James W. Anderson



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