Dear Editor:

Scottsboro’s courthouse building was established in 1868 and was equipped with a jail in 1870. Renovations to make the building more up to scale with the modern times have occurred ultimately making the courthouse bigger in size. Although it has been renovated, the building still is not up to date and is an eye sore for the downtown district. The courthouse building needs be repurposed into a museum for the Scottsboro Boys’ trial.

The courthouse would be refurbished with historical information, as well as pictures, and artifacts from the trial. I know this is not a proud moment in our history, but we could educate the people who pass through Scottsboro and have no clue that a major historical event in history took place in the town. This museum could be a monument for those young men who suffered as well as a symbol that signifies the turning point in our towns history.

The interior has not changed since the late 1950’s. At that time the inner walls were constructed of wood and they were starting to deteriorate and were soon replaced with marble walls which is still present throughout the building. I understand that the building is historic, but it is time for change.

The courthouse would be an ideal building for a museum dedicated to the Scottsboro Boy’s trial because it is the actual historical site where the trial took place.

Ultimately, this option would save the town millions of dollars in major renovations and construction and bring more tourism into the town of Scottsboro, which in turn brings the town more revenue. This solution would satisfy those who are in favor of a new modern courthouse and those who are in favor of keeping this historical building. 

—Reed Latimer


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