It’s that time of year again.

The azaleas should be in full bloom. Amen Corner will be lined with loud and raucous, yet courteous, fans.

I’m speaking of The Masters. The golf tournament is the best major there is with The British Open a close second. 

You can have the PGA Tournament. It’s just another event in my opinion. The U.S. Open — golf’s fourth major — can be exciting if it is played on a tough course.

“Why in the world is he writing about golf?” many of you may ask as you read this column.

“Because, I’m considered by many as a sports nut,” I might answer. “Besides, it’s the only thing I could come up.”

This is the time of year when there is little that is of interest to me. The Masters and The British Open are must see TV. There’ isn’ much else sports wise worth watching between the end of March Madness and the beginning of football season. In other words, the excitement of a last-second game winning touchdown or field goal is gone. 

The thrill of watching Tiger Woods or one of his contemporaries stiff a long iron shot to seal or steal a win is worth watching. So is the possibility that a contender will roll in a one-in-a-million putt on Augusta National’s slick, fast as glass greens and provide a little drama.

I don’t watch NASCAR. What’s the point? The sport — if you can call it that — is little more than cars going round and round an oval track. Though, I must admit I can have it on, turn down the volume and soon thereafter get a good nap.

Hockey is a great sport in person. On TV, it’s like trying to watch a BB on the fly after it is shot out of a gun. 

Only the last five minutes matters in an NBA game. Until that point, it’s just run and shoot or lob and dunk. 

I’m no longer interested in baseball. The games have gotten too long for my liking and seemingly aeons ago, I became disenchanted with the sport when a number of the so-called superstars of the game were found to be using performance enhancing drugs.

I could care less about soccer. It’s about as exciting as watching paint dry. 

Tennis isn’t much better, and I’m not going to watch bowling.

Now, do you see my dilemma? 

I’m having withdrawal symptoms. 

I can watch SEC football from start to finish. During basketball season I will catch a few minutes of games here and there until tourney time rolls around. 

Then it’s something to behold as David takes on Goliath and each day’s coverage is worth watching from the opening tip to the final horn. 

The Masters and The Open serve as my fix until football returns.

So, bring on The Masters. I hope it’s not a runaway.

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