On Tuesday, during the primary elections in Jackson County, there were 9,955 ballots cast out of over 37,000 registered voters.

And while there may be an older generation continuing to roll over in their graves, who never would have believed Jackson County would be a Republican county, that is the way it is. On Tuesday, there were 9,203 Republican ballots cast to only 752 Democrat ballots cast.

Once again, history proved right that fewer show up to vote in non-presidential elections. Though a few more voted compared to the last couple of non-presidential elections, it’s still a sad state that people just don’t get it.

In Tuesday’s election, here in Jackson County, there were races for sheriff, circuit clerk, probate judge and commission races. These are the positions that can affect the everyday citizen, rather than the position of United States president.

In six weeks, on Tuesday, July 17, there will be two local runoff races in the Republican primary: circuit clerk and a commission race.

Bart Buchanan and Keshia Gardner made the runoff in the circuit clerk’s race, while Chris Gulley and Danny Rich will face off in a District 1 race.

It is easy to sit back and complain. It is easy to scream for change. It’s not easy to run for an elected office. Everything becomes open game. So, for a person to put their name on a ballot, win or lose, they should be commended.

And on July 17, voters need to exercise their right and go vote.

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