Dear Editor:

I have seen no media or other public mention of the timing of the allegations of sexual impropriety against Roy Moore. 

He has been a political figure for some time and the Republican candidate for the Senate for several months. 

Now, just after it became too late to replace him on the ballot by the Republican Party, a series of allegations about behavior 30 years ago are made and have become big news. 

It is reminiscent of what George Wallace did to Albert Brewer in a contest for governor many years ago.  Shortly before that election pamphlets were distributed all over Alabama showing Brewer in the company of a couple of blacks and with verbiage blasting Brewer as an “N-word” lover. 

Are we seeing another example of Alabama dirty politics, and have there been any accusations of this sort of behavior by Moore occurring in the last 25 years? 

Roy Moore would have been my last choice in the Republican primary, but the timing of the assault smells and the vintage of the accusations may not define the current morality of the candidate.  

—Tom Gibson


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