Dear Editor:

Carl Statum said, “if you want people to think you are smart teach—TEACH people everything you know, and they will think you are the smartest person they ever met.”

This is what Jesus did.  He taught, he served, he helped poor people and working people and made them and their lives better.

If you will help me, we will teach people how to find the facts and the truth.  We only need three rules:

Rule #1.  Tell the truth.

Rule #2.  When you are right, stay right where you are at.  People will try to muddy the water; they will try to change the subject; always come right back to where you are.

Rule #3.  Never believe what people tell you—Always verify!

We will start with what should be the easiest lie to debunk—abortion.  I don’t know how many people told me during the last election, “I guess you know all those old Democrats are going straight to hell”.

“No, I didn’t why?”

 “What about killing all those babies?”

“I am not killing any babies.  Who told you that?”

It almost always traces back to a preacher, deacon, or some other high-ranking church person.  I knew the devil is good at deception, but I had no idea he had recruited preachers, deacons, and high church people to help him.  When people have been told something by these people, they would rather believe what they are told than the facts and truth.

The facts are abortion was legalized during a republican administration and the Supreme Court decision was written by a republican appointee. 

After they legalized it, they met with the church leaders and convinced them if they would help them get elected, they would make it illegal.  This is why the republican governors claim to have the toughest anti-abortion law. 

The fact is since they promised to make it illegal they had the President, Senate, and House all the same time, all of the law makers, yet none presented a law because if they did and it was resolved they would have no hold on the church vote.

They sometimes refer to us as just a bunch of plowboys and cowboys.  I guess that is true.  I remember plowing most if the night on a little red belly Ford tractor.  It did not have a cab, radio, or air, but this is not what they are intending, they believe we are not smart enough to figure what they are doing.

They say we have just a little bitty circle.  I say, “look out, that circle might grow.”  They might be surprised at what us plowboys and cowboys know! 

If they legalize something, they need to take credit for it, people don’t like being lied to.  Remember Rule #3, if it is me or a church leader telling you something!  Working together, we can make life better. 

—George Lewis


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