The country has spoken. While I disagree with the outcome of the election, I respect the decision to give President Obama another term. 

That’s not because I dislike President Obama – I just happen to think he and the Democrat party are absolutely clueless on how to address a stagnant economy and out of control spending. 

Four years ago I wrote these words in the days after President Obama’s election to the highest office in the land:

“President-elect Obama will inherit the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Unemployment is rising more rapidly than at any time in recent memory. The deficit is the largest in history. This is not a time for partisanship. These times call for support of the man who will be our leader for at least the next four years. Don’t you think he’s earned it?” 

Four years later, and not much has changed. Unemployment is still at historic levels, and our deficit continues to rise. Partisan bickering dominated the last four years and all but eliminated any chance for “hope and change.” 

The only real change we got was that we’re worse off today than we were four years ago. 

There’s been much discussion about what the Republican Party can do to regain the Presidency in 2016. 

My advice – give President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi every single thing they want, and do it now.

Implement Obamacare immediately. Raise taxes on the wealthy. Increase regulations on banks and Wall Street. Insist, through stringent regulations, that energy companies get out of the fossil fuel business and focus on green energy.  Increase government subsidized loans for housing and education. Continue legacy entitlement programs regardless of the cost. And, perhaps most importantly, do nothing to address the fact that we’re borrowing .40 cents of every dollar we spend. 

Maybe fiscal conservatives actually are fools. Maybe those policies will lead us back to a robust economy. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with huge deficits. If so, I’ll be the first to fall in lock step with the Democrat party. 

My hunch, though, is after four years of those policies, everyone will be ready for some serious “hope and change.” 



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Garry Morgan

You left off give the corporations more corporate welfare and deminish the concept of regulated capitalism.


So much for fair-and-balanced news.

Brad obviuosly doesn't subscribe to the Poynter Institute's feeds. Shame. We'll never see real journalism in this town.

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